Bucket List

ﻬ    Meet Dallas Green

ﻬ    Go skydiving

ﻬ   Learn an instrument

ﻬ    Find something I’m good at

ﻬ    See the New York Skyline

ﻬ    Do something romantically stupid

ﻬ    Bake with Cakeboss

ﻬ    Go on a spontaneous trip

ﻬ    Do something crazy

ﻬ    Do something that no one else approves of

ﻬ    Learn how to paint

ﻬ    Get healthy and fit

ﻬ    Get married

ﻬ    Run a marathon

ﻬ    Say I love you to someone, even if they don’t love you back

ﻬ    Travel the world with my best friend

ﻬ    Get a tattoo

ﻬ    Start and lead a dance in a public place

ﻬ    Plant a tree and watch it grow

ﻬ    Go on a fearless road trip

ﻬ    Have a star named after me

ﻬ    Pay for someone’s groceries

ﻬ    Stand under a plane while it lands

ﻬ    Learn how to sail

ﻬ    Go to Burning Man

ﻬ    Jump off a waterfall

ﻬ    Help someone build a house

ﻬ    Give more than I can afford to charity

ﻬ    Learn a new language

ﻬ    Save someone’s life

ﻬ    Stand in the middle of Time Square

ﻬ    Sleep on a beach

ﻬ    Have a wall filled with art

ﻬ    Bury my journal in my favourite place in the world

ﻬ    Be on a boat/helicopter with coast guards

ﻬ    Join the mile high club

ﻬ    Learn how to take a compliment

ﻬ    Make love on a forest floor

ﻬ    Make love in a small boat

ﻬ    Send a message in a bottle

ﻬ    Live out East for at least a year

ﻬ    Get to know my neighbour

ﻬ    Find out if unconditional love really exist

ﻬ    Drink a beer at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

ﻬ    Forgive my parents

ﻬ    Forgive past love

ﻬ    Accept myself for who I am

ﻬ    Attend one really big rock concert

ﻬ    Go to the Coachella Music festival

ﻬ    Finish college and continue to my career goal

ﻬ    Cruise down Highway 1

ﻬ    Go fishing off Canada’s East Coast

ﻬ    Learn to play golf

ﻬ    Attend at least 1 of all my favourite bands concerts

ﻬ    Raise a dog

ﻬ    See the Northern Lights

ﻬ    Dance on a bar

ﻬ    Attend a rave

ﻬ    Give a stranger a flower

ﻬ    Learn to drive like a man

ﻬ    Ride a motorcycle

ﻬ    Learn to play bridge

ﻬ    Learn how to make good judgement

ﻬ    Learn how to know when to back away

ﻬ    Have a wall filled with a massive CD collection

ﻬ    Go on a canoe trip that last more than 2 days

ﻬ    Pretend I’m someone else for a day

ﻬ    Cook a meal out of my own grown fruits and vegetables

ﻬ    Fly first class

ﻬ    Have a song dedicated to me over the radio or at a concert

ﻬ    Elope for a week

ﻬ    Clean out my Facebook

ﻬ    See a Broadway musical in NYC

ﻬ    Carve my name in an 100 year old tree

ﻬ    Stand downtown Toronto with a sign saying “Free Hugs”

ﻬ    Follow a band on tour as a Groupie?

ﻬ    Start an epic slow applause

ﻬ    Help someone in need

ﻬ    Wear a shirt that says “Life” and then hand out lemons on the street

ﻬ    Hop on a train and see where you end up

ﻬ    Be in two places at once

ﻬ    Stand up for myself and never back down

ﻬ    Learn to move on from the past

ﻬ    Own a getaway home in my favourite place

ﻬ    Win the lottery

ﻬ    Learn how to drive standard

ﻬ    Overcome my fear of heights

ﻬ    Kiss on a big screen during a sports event

ﻬ    Flash a complete stranger

ﻬ    Travel off road in another country and discover something no one else has

ﻬ    Learn to fly

ﻬ    Drive/own a 1969 dodge charger

ﻬ    Attend a complete strangers wedding


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