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Hi Virtual Friends!

Take a second to check out my friend Nicole’s “Holisticole” INDIEGOGO page! She is a Holistic Nutritionist and entrepreneur looking for some funding to help start her new business! Read all about Holistic Nutrition, Nicole (herself), and what the fundings will go towards.

Thank you for all of the support!

Yours truly,


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20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset


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Question & Opinions Please!

Hi everyone!

‘m heading out to British Columbia again, but this time it’s for the Holidays! I’m looking to check out some new landmarks and create some new adventures! If you have any experiences you would like to share, or if you have any suggestions for new experiences I can put on my itinerary, comment on this blog! I would love to hear them!

Happy Tuesday!


Levels of Happiness Around the World

Hi there!

Long time no talk! I thought I would go ahead and share a link I came across today; Happiness Index Around the World.

Updated as of 2014, this colour coated map shares a rating of happiness for every country around the world. Why is this useful you might ask? Well maybe you would love to go out on an exciting backpacking trip to meet happy and inspiring people, or maybe you’ve been given an opportunity to study abroad, or maybe you would just like to expand your knowledge on irrelevant facts that you might not need to know…either way, it’s a pretty interesting and eye opening read. In fact, you might be surprised with some of the results… I know I was!

Thanks for reading! To discover more interesting reads and check out my little adventures, click on the word follow beside the little “+” sign………..

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

“Kid, you’ll move mountains! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… Get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss


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This Sweater Could Not Fit My Life More Perfectly



Does anyone know where I can buy this magically piece of clothing? It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before!


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The Crossroad…

Hello travel enthusiast!

Are you stuck at a crossroads between traveling and settling down? OR have been stuck in such a situation? Check out a fellow lifestyle & travel blogger and help her decide her next move. 



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