The Crossroad…

Hello travel enthusiast!

Are you stuck at a crossroads between traveling and settling down? OR have been stuck in such a situation? Check out a fellow lifestyle & travel blogger and help her decide her next move. 



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Take Me Anywhere


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24 Signs You Are Completely Addicted To Travel

Not only is BuzzFeed the most time killing and entertaining social media feed on the internet, it’s also the most correct and humorous social media feed on the internet. Check out this page I found that only travel addicts will understand!

24 Signs You Are Completely Addicted To Travel

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Check out 40 clever travel tips here!

Just when you thought you knew everything for travelling efficiently… someone created this list (OF 40 MORE GENIUS TRAVEL TIPS!). I would let you know what one is my favourite but I think they’re all pretty clever… check it out!


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Cam’s Place, Toronto, ON

If you’re looking for something to do on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon, be sure to check out Cam’s Place pub on Yonge St. in Toronto for good food, good beer, and good music (live music!)!


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Chicago Gay Pride 2014 Photos Galore!

Did anyone check out Gay Pride in their city last weekend!? Check out some upbeat and beautiful photos a local Chicagoan took while out and about! Chicago Gay Pride 2014 Photos Galore!.

via Chicago Gay Pride 2014 Photos Galore!.

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Pit-Stop in British Columbia

If you’re taking a stroll through British Columbia (more specifically the Sunshine Coast), then be sure to stop by the Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Located in Gibson Landing, this small olive oil boutique shop is sure to jazz up your taste buds. I wish I could tell you the exact amount of olive oils that this shop carries but unfortunately its more numbers that I could count to. These are not just some ordinary olive oils that you buy on your local grocery store shelf, they’re infused with everything from everyday flavours to exotic foods from around the world. It doesn’t stop there though! They also carry a large selection of speciality balsamic vinegars with the same idea of creativity and imagination. The best part about experiencing their in-store selections, is that they pour the oils and vinegars right into the bottle in front of your own eyes, and top it with a cork! Now that’s fresh.

Their staff is over-the-top knowledgeable about their products and are always will to assist you with pairing the oils and balsamic’s together and then paring those with food. Get to know their full story, products, recipes, and more from the link below!



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3 Men, 1 Dance, The Whole World

This is not only creative and humorous, but also insanely adventurous and spontaneous! I definitely recommend checking out this video! Also, feel encouraged to do something like this yourself when you travel. It makes travelling even more worth while!

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Five Popular Travel Photos That Are Too Good To Be True (And Are)

Check out this article before you get your hopes up. Although these cities will remain beautiful already, these “landmarks” do NOT exist.

I know…a disappointment for me too.

Stay in style

From the floating lanterns in Thailand to Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, travel photos can be some of the best and most beautiful types of pictures out there. However, some of these popular shots that have graced image boards time and time again aren’t the real deal. From clever cropping to extreme color correction, a handful of these well-known photos don’t actually depict how that city, monument, or landscape really looks. And sometimes, the place doesn’t event exist! Determined to get to the bottom of these too-good-to-be-true photos, we’ve compiled a list of some of these deceptive shots and the real stories behind them.

1. The photo: The popular photo below practically has a permanent spot on Pinterest’s travel page. However, this photo, claiming to be a place in Dublin called “Castle Island” actually doesn’t exist at all.

castle island

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