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This blog follows the backpacking adventures of a close friend of mine and her fellow traveler while they explore then in’s and out’s of South and Central America!

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go

“Kid, you’ll move mountains! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… Get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss


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This Sweater Could Not Fit My Life More Perfectly



Does anyone know where I can buy this magically piece of clothing? It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before!


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Check out 40 clever travel tips here!

Just when you thought you knew everything for travelling efficiently… someone created this list (OF 40 MORE GENIUS TRAVEL TIPS!). I would let you know what one is my favourite but I think they’re all pretty clever… check it out!



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3 Men, 1 Dance, The Whole World

This is not only creative and humorous, but also insanely adventurous and spontaneous! I definitely recommend checking out this video! Also, feel encouraged to do something like this yourself when you travel. It makes travelling even more worth while!


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Why Some People Aren’t Meant For One Place

ImageAll of my life, all of our lives, we have dreamed of growing up. We dreamed of graduating university or college, landing a well paid job, and living in an unrealistic apartment. Here’s the truth: you can graduate and have a well paying job, but the 2 bedroom apartment overlooking the lake and being steps from downtown won’t exist for you in your early twenties. This means that the book shelf that you first see when you walk in is gone, you won’t be able to afford the coasters you want your friends to use when they come over, and the wish of the marble counter-top needs to disappear. At least, you can’t have all of this and still save your money to travel.

Like many regions across North America, Toronto has a variety of communities to choose from; South Etobicoke to Downtown, Old Mill to High Park ($!$!$). Graduating college come April, I have been searching inside and out for where I am going to live and start off my young life. From Padmapper to Craigslist, there was nothing to be found and I have come to the conclusion as to why. I’m too picky. When you have a full heart to travel, no apartment will be able to make up for the Villa in Tuscany, or the tent in Morocco. All the little things to make up your apartment seem nice and personal, but nothing will ever amount to the experience of living everywhere.

Maybe this is why I am struggling to find an apartment. Maybe this is why everyone struggles to find an apartment. Why settle for one place when we can have it all. After stress and tears of not knowing what apartment I will be moving into come May 1st, I have come to peace with knowing that it is alright to not know where I will be living. Maybe I am not meant to stay in one place. Maybe I am meant to live in multiple places within a short time frame. Maybe I am meant to travel nowhere in particular.

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Let’s Go !


True dat . Don’t limit yourself when adventures are limitless .

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How Our World Would Look Like If You Were A Bird

How Our World Would Look Like If You Were A Bird

This gives off a beautiful perspective on some our world’s major travel destinations, as well as as a reality check on some not so natural cities (*cough cough Dubai*). Overall, pretty amazing photographs – check er’ out!

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New York Times: 52 Places to Go in 2014

New York Times: 52 Places to Go in 2014

Read up on the rest of New Yorks Times top travel destinations of 2014! Never say never but if I could, I would go to all these places this year!


Well thought out choices NYT !

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