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20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset


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Pit-Stop in British Columbia

If you’re taking a stroll through British Columbia (more specifically the Sunshine Coast), then be sure to stop by the Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. Located in Gibson Landing, this small olive oil boutique shop is sure to jazz up your taste buds. I wish I could tell you the exact amount of olive oils that this shop carries but unfortunately its more numbers that I could count to. These are not just some ordinary olive oils that you buy on your local grocery store shelf, they’re infused with everything from everyday flavours to exotic foods from around the world. It doesn’t stop there though! They also carry a large selection of speciality balsamic vinegars with the same idea of creativity and imagination. The best part about experiencing their in-store selections, is that they pour the oils and vinegars right into the bottle in front of your own eyes, and top it with a cork! Now that’s fresh.

Their staff is over-the-top knowledgeable about their products and are always will to assist you with pairing the oils and balsamic’s together and then paring those with food. Get to know their full story, products, recipes, and more from the link below!




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How Our World Would Look Like If You Were A Bird

How Our World Would Look Like If You Were A Bird

This gives off a beautiful perspective on some our world’s major travel destinations, as well as as a reality check on some not so natural cities (*cough cough Dubai*). Overall, pretty amazing photographs – check er’ out!

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Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Beautiful architecture and detail throughout the entire city. The amount of artwork in this city never ceases to amaze me.

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