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Hi Virtual Friends!

Take a second to check out my friend Nicole’s “Holisticole” INDIEGOGO page! She is a Holistic Nutritionist and entrepreneur looking for some funding to help start her new business! Read all about Holistic Nutrition, Nicole (herself), and what the fundings will go towards.


Thank you for all of the support!

Yours truly,


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A BIG Thank You !

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all my followers! This is one of my newer blogs and I’ve made it a point to try my best to keep it strictly travel and tourism based (unless I find something that I must absolutely share with you non travel and tourism related!). Travelling is my number one passion which is why I am so excited to keep posting about new facts, articles, photos, etc. that revolve around T&T – for both yours and my education!

Stay tuned for more awesome posts!

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