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20 of The Best Places To Watch The Sunset


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Photographic Memory

One of the worst feeling is when you travel somewhere beautiful and you forget your camera charger. Although I have had this poor experience during my current trip to British Columbia, Canada, I have come to the conclusion that even though it is nice to have photos to share with your peers, it is all the more special having a photographic memory to keep all the peaceful and rare moments to yourself. Photographing the images you see during a time in your life where you feel at peace can be fairly rare and always magnificent, but capturing the image in your head and treasuring that forever…now that is pure rare. That original clip that you took inside your head will never be seen by anyone making you the only person to ever have the pleasure of viewing the image. I’m very confident when I assume that everyone has these images that they remember back to and have a sense of pleasure. A sense of pleasure that no one else can ever enjoy because it’s your own original photo in your head; you were the only person in the moment thinking and feeling the way you did when that image was made. Although a picture is worth 1000 words, I believe that an original image inside your head is worth 1001 words.

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How Our World Would Look Like If You Were A Bird

How Our World Would Look Like If You Were A Bird

This gives off a beautiful perspective on some our world’s major travel destinations, as well as as a reality check on some not so natural cities (*cough cough Dubai*). Overall, pretty amazing photographs – check er’ out!

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16 Surreal Landscapes Found On Earth

16 Surreal Landscapes Found On Earth

These 16 photographs of landscapes around the world are UNREAL. Just imagine how much more beauty is out there still needed to be seen.

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